Wired News (Articles)
“U.S. Arms Dealer Tests Legal Bounds in Middle East Arms Bazaar”
“The Weird Russian Mind-Control Research Behind a DHS Contract”
“Son of TIA: Pentagon Surveillance System Is Reborn in Asia”
“Pentagon to Merge Next-Gen Binoculars With Soldiers’ Brains”
“Facing Backlash, Blackwater Has a New Business Pitch: Peacekeeping”

Wired Magazine
“Introducing Iarpa: It’s Like Darpa, But for Spies”
“Spotting the Hot Zone”
“Best: Never-Used Weapon Systems, From the USSR’s Ekranoplan to the Puckle Gun”

Wired DANGER ROOM (national security blog)
“The New Arms Bazaar: From Russia, With No Love”
“Vote: Blackwater’s New Logo”
“I Was a Sonic Blaster Guinea Pig”
“Rummy Resurfaces, Calls for U.S. Propaganda Agency”
“How To: Visit a Secret Nuclear Bunker”
“The World According to Richard Perle”
“Blackswift: Return of the Spaceplane”
More DANGER ROOM blog posts available here.

“Gaza Power Strip”

Popular Science
“What Kind of Top-Secret Assassination Tech Does $58 Billion Buy?”

Popular Mechanics
“Behind the Air Force’s Secret Robotic Space Plane”
“The (Promising) Future for Flying Cars”
“Rise of the Preppers, Survivalists Get a Makeover”
“Pentagon Chooses Two Companies to Build Flying Humvee”

Washington Post Magazine
“Scary Things Come in Small Packages”
“Warming up to Cold Fusion”
“Xtreme Defense”
“Thought Wars”

New York Post
“The CIA, Siberia and the the $5M Bar Bill”
“My fission trip inside Iran”
“Soldier of the Future”
“The Sound and the Fury”

Foreign Policy
“Black Hole on the Black Sea”
“Welcome to Hamaswood”
“The Pentagon’s Doomsday Men”

AOL News
“Rumsfeld Memoir Highlights VIP Access to Government Files”
“Trade Show Offers Peek at Secret Spy Tech World”
“US May Unleash Microwave Weapon in Afghanistan”
More AOL News reporting available here.

“Donkey Business”
“A Nuclear Family Vacation” (five-part series)
“You Can’t Handle the Truth”
“A Nuclear Family Vacation in Russia” (five-part series)
“Atomic Fallout”
“A Terror Tour of Israel” (five-part series)

“Clash over Iran’s capability”
“Intent to Deceive”
“Export Control Laws Worry Academics”
“Spooky Research Cuts”
“Still in the Lead?” (50th anniversary of DARPA)
“Heating up the Heavens” ” (feature on HAARP) PDF
“The Pentagon’s Culture Wars” (feature on the military and anthropology) PDF
“U.S. Charges Scientist with Economic Espionage”

Discover Magazine
“The Dark Side”
“DeGoogling Earth”

Financial Times
“Killer Drones Turn Benign”

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
“The Ever Ready Nuclear Missileer”

Aviation Week & Space Technology
“Seller’s Market”
“A Sea of Pain”
“Here we go again.”

Other Publications
“Scary Things That Don’t Exist: Separating Myth from Reality in Future WMD”, Stanley Foundation (policy analysis brief), 2008.

“Toward a Fortress Europe”, Center for Strategic and International Studies (A CSIS Europe Program Report), 2000.