Local Paper Makes Good

I stopped taking the DC Metro a couple years ago, around the same time I had regular nightmares about dirty bomb attacks. In my dream, I would be trying to escape the metro after an apocalyptic attack, only to have my way out blocked by underpaid workers thrusting copies of the Washington Examiner in my face.

 But now, I’m pleased to have something nice to say about the Examiner. Over the past few days, the free tabloid has been on a rant on my favorite topic: the Pentagon and disturbing technology, focusing on one company’s attempt to sell RFID tags that would be implanted in members of the military–basically tracking soldiers the way Wal-Mart tracks its stock of garden gnomes.

They started off with this article about connections between former cabinet official Tommy Thomson and VeriChip, which is marketing the chip.  They moved on just one day later to an article doubting the technology. They’ve also written about the company’s attempts to lobby the Pentagon and questions about whether the proposed chip is really secure.

It’s such a great little story, because it contains all the elements of a conspiracy movie: a company with Orwellian technology meant to track your every move; questionable government ties; possible congressional pork, and then attempts to get the military to buy into this whole plot.

I’m so proud of the Examiner, I almost want to go out and pick up a copy. Well, not quite, but I do recommend checking it out online.

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